Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Double-edged sword

Days like today are a double-edged sword. I decided to go for a ride today since it was about 69degrees. I got my mountain bike out and headed towards the lake. I thought I'd just cruise around a bit and try to see some eagles.Five cars passed me from LV Rd. to the park entrance. It kinda sucks when you look forward to spring and nice weather after freezing yer ass off all winter, but when it gets here you have to put up with harleys, crotch rockets, woofers, people who let their dogs hang out the window and bark at people on bikes and all of our good friends who go fishing at the park, bring a case of beer, a bucket O'chicken with all the fixins (or maybe just a sackful of TacoHell)and then when they're done they just throw all their trash on the ground!!! Maybe the fuckin Raccoons will pick up your trash for ya. Ya think? I tried to mention everyone, but I probably forgot someone. I am starting to get back in the swing of things, as far as training goes. I started the book The Perfect Mile. It's about the quest to break the four minute mile. I went up to the track Monday to run a bit and I decided to see what I could run a mile in- 5:44. Pretty slow. The mile is a pretty hard distance to run fast with out any specific training. I never ran in high school so I don't even really know what kind of time I'd be capable of. It seemed pretty interesting that my mile time wa 5:44 and my time at PsychoWyco was 5:48. I wonder if Caleb could run a mile in 4:39, Kyle 4:42, Greg 5:15 etcetera? Pretty nice storm tonight. I guess March really is going to come in like a Lion.