Monday, December 24, 2007


Yesterday (Sun)I went out for a couple of hours at Wyco in the snow. I ran and hiked through the snow, just enjoying the solitude. On my way back towards my house I caught up with the redneck crew out tearin up the trails in their all terrain mud slinger. I told the old boy drivin it(who had three dogs with him)that I thought it did more harm than good havin that thing out on the trails. He told me that was the only way they could get back on the trail to do "maintenance", otherwise he would start hearing about it from the horse people. Whatever. He also told me I should tell the rangers if I didn't like it. I asked if he was part of the maintenance crew. Thats when he told me he was the park director. Now you understand the title of this post. I told him that the Trail Nerds would be out soon to do some trail work....on foot. P.S. Someone even tried to drive a truck on the trail from the maintenance shed area???