Monday, July 16, 2007

Psycho Psummer is done!

I just finished reading all of the emails and posts from the race last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out for the inaugural PsychoPsummer 50k/15mile. We had a lot of out- of- towners for this race. I feel like this race could really catch on in the ultrarunning community and become something special. Congrats to Wynn Davis on taking the overall win on a brutal course in hot and humid conditions. I'm also proud of my brother Cody , who came in fifth in 5:21 (Cody also won the style competition. I think you can read his shirt in the photo). Personally, I ran slower than I wanted to, but I made it through without puking or overheating so it was a mild success. The thing that surprised me was how tough that second loop was and looking at the split times confirms it. Those hills got really big the second time around. Check out these stats from a garmin 305 that was worn during the race. When we first decided to do this race we decided that we wanted to change the course from the winter Psycho and also reduce the # of loops from 3 to 2. Kyle, Ben and I had discussed numerous course options before settling on the final product. I'd say that we came out with a keeper. We were all very lucky there was no mud. While I'm rambling I'd like to thank Bad Ben, Raul and all of the volunteers who ran the aid stations all day. One of these days I'm going to have to sit out a race and help out (hopefully not a forced sit out due to injury or what not). Everyone who finished either distance should be proud of themselves. I'd say it's another successful KC Trail Nerd race in the books. See you at the Psycho night 10k.

While we were enjoying ourselves Sat. some of the big guns were duking it out at the Hardrock 100 in Colorado. Scott Jurek set a new course record of 26:08. Our very own Paul Schoenlaub finished in 37:09. I also noticed Mike Dobies there in 35th place. Kyle ran the Arkansas traveller 100 in 2003 and he and Mike pretty much ran the whole thing together. So I kind of paced them both for 26 miles. Cool.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Psycho Psummer is Psoon!

Well, I missed out on the Leadville marathon this year. The picture is from last year when Good Ben and I ran it. Cody, Greg and Ben ran it though and Caleb and Sarah did the Heavy half. It's a nice course. The altitude makes it tough though. Just been gettin ready for the Psycho Psummer 50k. We ran a 10 mile loop at Wyco last Sunday and then a bunch af us stayed for a couple more hours to do some course work. We got the spillway trail cleaned up nicely. I think its a good addition to the course. Tom, Adam and I also cleaned up the hill from the spillway parking lot down to the grass below the dam. I haven't thought of a name for that section yet. I'm planning on going out Wed or Thurs. with the DR mower and mowing some connectors trails through the grassy areas. The course was in fairly good condition last Sun so hopefully the rains will hold off for another week or so. I'd rather not have to slog through 31 miles of slop. I'm also excited to find out who this ultra-god trailrunner person is. See you out there.