Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Double-edged sword

Days like today are a double-edged sword. I decided to go for a ride today since it was about 69degrees. I got my mountain bike out and headed towards the lake. I thought I'd just cruise around a bit and try to see some eagles.Five cars passed me from LV Rd. to the park entrance. It kinda sucks when you look forward to spring and nice weather after freezing yer ass off all winter, but when it gets here you have to put up with harleys, crotch rockets, woofers, people who let their dogs hang out the window and bark at people on bikes and all of our good friends who go fishing at the park, bring a case of beer, a bucket O'chicken with all the fixins (or maybe just a sackful of TacoHell)and then when they're done they just throw all their trash on the ground!!! Maybe the fuckin Raccoons will pick up your trash for ya. Ya think? I tried to mention everyone, but I probably forgot someone. I am starting to get back in the swing of things, as far as training goes. I started the book The Perfect Mile. It's about the quest to break the four minute mile. I went up to the track Monday to run a bit and I decided to see what I could run a mile in- 5:44. Pretty slow. The mile is a pretty hard distance to run fast with out any specific training. I never ran in high school so I don't even really know what kind of time I'd be capable of. It seemed pretty interesting that my mile time wa 5:44 and my time at PsychoWyco was 5:48. I wonder if Caleb could run a mile in 4:39, Kyle 4:42, Greg 5:15 etcetera? Pretty nice storm tonight. I guess March really is going to come in like a Lion.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

tributo al grupo B

OK, I know I'm gettin carried away with the youtube, but this is BADASS!

Tanner Hall Chad's Gap Fall

I saw this last year during the X-games. Probably one of the worst wipeouts I've seen. If you're squeamish, don't look.

Ryan Leech in Kranked 6 Progression

I'm thinking about building a trail like this out at Wyco. We can run on it too.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Leadville this year

I got a letter from the LT100 the other day. It said I didn't get in this year. Sucks.
From: LSD
Subject: lt 100
dear jonny,
I'm really tired of hearing all this stuff about the lt 100 and how it's such a cool, hard, epic race etc... I'm sure the recent news about lance and floyd doing it (or not) has brought a lot of attention to the event, but come on, it's nothing but a high priced race that, for some reason, has been added to everyone's "must do list". If you like long jeep roads and no single track, and paying out the ass for a fricking belt buckle (if you finish in under 8 hours or something), maybe this one is for you, but there are a ton of other races that are more noteworthy and a hell of a lot cheaper: Crested Butte Classic (free), KTR (free), the Grand Loop (free), Soul Ride (when it comes back)(not free, but reasonable)...I can go on and on. When are people going to wake up and just ride their bikes? They don't need a belt buckle to tell them they suffered. "Wiensy" will help with that when he puts the wood to them (if they even get that close). I'm sure I'm going to piss off a bunch of people (maybe even you), but I'm just tired of the recognition this race gets. See ya at the Old Pueblo (best event ever!)

Ride Anything But Leadville

I found this over at DC. It pretty much sums up how I feel about this race, but I still want to do it again and get my damned buckle. I promise. One will be enough.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wyandotte County bobsled team???

When I first read the caption on this photo, I thought the fellas might be startin their own bobsled team. I'm still not sure if they are or not, but they did mighty good in the Psycho Wyco 50k. By the way, if you like really gooey mud and slush, you better get back out to the Psycho race course in the next few days before it all dries out. I guess I must like it, because I've gone out the last two days. While I was running on Monday I picked up some of the signs from the race (they were thawed out enough to pull out of the ground) and I saw some footprints that looked like about a size 10 Blur. Kyle?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Psycho Wyco 50k RACE REPORT

In the week leading up to this years race I felt a mixture of emotions. Excitement, Dread, anticipation. This race is different from all the others for me because of all the work we put into it. From marking the course to stuffing race packets, I really had a good time this year with all of the race prep we had to do.
My main goal for the race was to improve on my time of 6:08 from last year. I knew that the course conditions were going to be tough. I went out on Wed. before the race to finish up some course marking and all of the snow had melted and refrozen on the trail. Screwed shoes were going to be in order. I don't know about everyone else, but I've pretty much had my fill of ice running for the year.
Here's how the race went. It was about 15 degrees at the start. The crowd was huge. Nearly 300 hardy souls got out of bed early on this frigid February mornin'. There was a strong contingent of talented ultrarunners...even Barefoot Rick was there! Kinda chilly but I knew we'd warm up when we hit the trail. Good ol' Caleb was still sportin his shorts. Bad Ben said Let's Go! and off we went. My plan for the first lap was to take it pretty easy. I talked a little with Kevin P. , Mark K. and Gabe . I saw at least a half dozen sweet wipeouts and I managed to have one of my own on an ice free section of the course. Funny story-While I was running with Gabe we were going down the ridge after the paved hill and stepped on a piece of a tree branch with my inside foot while I was leaning to the right. I was on my face before I could blink. DOH! I bet it looked pretty funny to the guys behind me though. I finished the first loop comfortably in about 1:43. Second loop was about a 1:53- slowed down some but still felt pretty comfortable. I caught up with my wife Brandy, who was walking the 10 mile race, at about mile 19 of my race. She said something about losing screws so I thought I'd check mine. When I picked up my foot to look, my hamstring locked up real nice and I let out a little squeal. AAAHHHH! I got moving again, took a couple of Endurolytes with some water and tried to work it out. I came into the start/finish at 3:37 for 20 miles. I was still feeling pretty decent and was thinking I might be able to get close to 5 1/2 hrs. That thinking changed pretty early on during my third loop though. I was fighting some nice hamstring cramps for about 3/4 of the entire loop. I was fine going downhill but whenever I tried to push it uphill the old hammys really started to squeal. I got pretty close to my brother Cody on the pavement hill by the dam, but he started running sooner than me before the singletrack and I never saw him again until the finish. Many of you may have seen him on the course. He was the one wearing the TUXEDO T-shirt. By the way, that was his first run longer than about a dozen miles and he finished in 5:45. I came in bout 3 minutes behind him for a finishing time of 5:48. I'll take it.
I did have to stop and retie my damn shoes in Fester's wander on my third loop, so that probably cost me a minute or two. Gabe actually caught up to me right after that and we told each other about our cramping problems. He sucked it up pretty good considering that he paced Rick for 40 miles at RR100 the previous weekend. Mark K. was closing in on me with about two miles to go. When I saw him it kind of gave me a little boost for the last two miles or so. He came in a couple of minutes later and Gabe came in soon after him. Both under 6 hrs. Good Job guys! A good start to the season.

Shane's Top 10 Race highlights :

  1. Caleb redeeming his miserable performance of 06 and winning this thing for the Trail Nerds. A new CR in skating rink comditions. Awesome!
  2. Kyle's close second place- Awesome, but you didn't really surprise me. Actually you did just a little. You are my pick for the Free State 100k.
  3. Greg"A rolling stone gathers no moss" Burger- 5th place. You must have really been flyin down them hills. Great job man! Leadville 07!
  4. My brother Cody finishing in front of me in his first ultra. That was with a long run of about 10 or 11 miles. ??? Awesome job. You could probably run 100 miles on stubborness alone.
  5. Mark Koester in under 6 hrs. And you said 7 hrs. I knew you had it in ya!
6.All of our aid station and race volunteers. I can't believe how many compliments I've read about you guys. You helped make a great race.
7. Awesome sponsors!
8 . Dick Ross for showing up in the frigid conditions and taking tons of great photos- FOR FREE! Thanks Dick.
9. My brother Adam, Good Ben and Rick Mayo for getting some good pics and video. Mark is going to edit the video so we should have something to watch before long
10. Bad Ben for being the ringleader of this whole circus- Congrats on your 500 mile RR shirt!

I think that's it. See ya next year!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Caleb Wins Psycho Wyco 50k... and his beard is pretty sweet too!

My good pal Caleb Chatfield won the 3rd annual PsychoWyco 50k yesterday. In the process he set a new course record of 4:39:17. Kyle was second -only three minutes or so behind. Awesome! Many of you might also know that Caleb has been growing out his beard. Here is a shot of him after the race yesterday. Anyway, I think the race turned out great and everyone did awesome. Adam got some pretty sweet footage and together with Ben's we should be able to make a good video of the race. If you liked the cold and icy conditions yesterday and want some more, check this out and maybe put it on your schedule for next year. There is a good report of this race at-

Monday, February 5, 2007

Colts and Cold weather

A bunch of us trail nerds spent Sat morning marking the course for PSYCHO WYCO 50knext weekend. It was COLD!! On Sunday morning, just as COLD , as a few of our own were finishing the Rocky Raccoon 100(Good job BadBen, Rick, Patrick and Gabe), we ran a loop of the course. Hey guys, I thought the race was this weekend. Just kidding! I really didn't feel so hot though, so I just cruised at an easy pace. I hope I feel stronger next week or I could be in for a long day. After that I took a hot shower and a 2 hour nap. Then I watched the Big Game. I really wasn't surprised at the outcome. The Colts had to win. Look at the bright side. Tony Dungy seems like a good guy and next season we won't have to listen to the commentators talk about Peyton not being able to win the big one. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot, the squirrel who's trying to munch on my frozen Beardsicle in the bottom photo owes me a Red Bull(12oz please).