Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sucky weather and the Super Bowl

The running conditions were pretty crappy today. I went out for about 4 miles in the new snow over ice. I wore my Yaktrax and I don't think they helped much. The only way I could find the ice was to step on it-and then slip. I hope the conditions are better for the Psycho Wyco 50k ( Feb 10th. If you haven't signed up yet, do it. There are 3 distances and the race packets and prizes are AWESOME!
On another note, I pick the Colts. I don't think Peyton is going to be denied. I also changed the name of my blog. I like inane becuz it rhymes with Shane. I couldn't think of a cool word like ramblings or musings though. Any suggestions?
One more thing that I almost forgot. Jonathan Page won a silver medal at the Cyclocross world championships last weekend. This is the first time an American has ever won a medal in the elite men's race. Check it out at AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Am I Gay?"

1. If you are over forty, and you have a washboard stomach, you are gay. It means you haven't sucked back enough beer with the boys and have spent the rest of your free time doing sit-ups, aerobics, and doing the Oprah diet.

2. If you have a cat, you are a Flaaaaming homo. A cat is like a dog, but gay - it grooms itself constantly but never scratches itself, has a delicate touch except when it uses its nails, and whines to be fed. And just think about how you call a dog... "Killer, come here. I said get your ass over here, Killer!" Now think about how you call a cat..."Bun-bun, come to daddy, snookums!" Jeeezus, you're fit to be framed, you're so gay.

3. If you suck on lollipops, Ring-Pops, baby pacifiers, or any such nonsense, rest assured, you are a Gaylord. A straight man only sucks on bar-b-que ribs, crab claws, raw oysters, crawfish guts, pickled pigs feet, or tits. Anything else and you are in training to suck El Dicko and undeniably a fag.

4. If you refuse to take a dump in a public bathroom or piss in a parking lot, you crave a deep homosexual relationship. A man's world is his bathroom; he defecates and urinates where he pleases.

5. If you drink decaf coffee with skim milk, you like a high hard one in the poop chute. Coffee is to be hard strong, black, and full aroma. A straight man will never be heard ordering a "Decaf Café Latte with Skim "and he will never, ever know what artificial sweetener tastes like. If you've had NutraSweet in your mouth, you've had a man there, too.

6. If you know more than six names of colors or four different types of dessert, you might as well be handing out free passes to your ass. A real man doesn't have memory space in his brain to remember all of that crap as well as all the names of all the players in the Major league, NFL, NHL, college ball, PGA and NASCAR. If you can pick out chartreuse or you know what a "fressier" is you're gay. And if you can name ANY type of textile other than denim, you are faggadocious.

7. If you drive with both hands on the wheel, forget it, you're dying to tune a meat whistle. A man only puts both hands on the wheel to honk at a slow-ass driver or to cut the punk off. The rest of the time he needs that hand to change the radio station, eat a hamburger, hold his beer, or play with his honey in the passenger seat !

8. If you wear a clown suit and ride a unicycle you're a super macho manly man.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Chiefs lose

The Chiefs lost to the Colts. I'm not really that surprised but their total lack of offense was pretty strange. There's always next year right? We did have a nice run Sunday at Wyco. I think we had 16 people on the first loop. Five of us continued on for a second loop. We ended up finishing both loops in under 2 hours each, so I was pretty happy with that. I think it bodes well for Psycho Wyco. Todays photo is of Bad Ben at the Blue Springs Marathon.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New year's eve run

I went for a run on New Years eve with my dog. I left the house after the first quarter of the Chief's game. I was going to be a lazyass and just watch football all day. It's kinda weird how sometimes you just have great runs. The ones where everything is smooth and you just float along . It got kinda windy and started snowing while I was out. I love those conditions. I turned around after half an hour-had to get back to see the end of the game. They won! The real nail-biter for me though was the Broncos-49ers game . I can't believe the Chiefs are in the playoffs. Their running game should be strong against the colts D , but I think they're gonna miss Jason Dunn. Whatever. GO CHIEFS!!! Yes, that's me on the left.

My New Blog for the New Year!

I set this up so I could post comment s on other people's blogs but I think I might try to post cool stuff occasionally. I hope it's not too insipid! Here is a pic from the "Alternate" chili run on Dec 9-06. We had around 40 runners brave the elements and do a loop of the famous "PsychoWyco" course. I was the slowest of the fast group that day. It was tough with the icy trail conditions. I think I finished the 10.3 mile loop in around 1:45. Pretty slow for the effort it took. I lost most of my screws by the end so the last icy mile was pretty sketchy. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Right now I'm looking forward to a couple more long runs before PsychoWyco 50k on Feb 10th. I'm also goig to send in my entry for the Leadville 100 mountaon Bike race(I hope I get in!). See you on the trails!