Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lunar Trek 20 mile

Here are a couple of pics from the Lunar trek in Scandia KS. I was a pretty cool race actually. Neat farm roads out in the middle of nowhere. I wish the sky would have been clear so we could see the stars, but it was still bright enough that I barely had to use my headlamp. My plan was to try to run it in 3 hrs. The first half went perfect-10 miles in 1:30. Not lon g after the turnaround I began to realize that eating a thickburger with fries a little over two hrs before a long run isn't a good idea. The humidity and the course conditions(mud) made it harder than it should have been as well. I got a bit behind on electrolytes and fluids and really slowed the last 5 miles. Finished in 3:26. Much slower than my goal, but it was a good time regardless. I even got to spend the night in Caleb's hometown before heading to Colorado (pics and story soon).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Psummer Psycho 15 miler

I'm finally getting around to writing a race report after a little over a week. The whole lead up to the race this year was very exhausting. I didn't even try to keep track of how many hours I was out working on the course. Not to complain though, I like it. Anyway, I've had too many irons in the fire lately to do anything resembling a long run so I opted to do the 15 mile instead of the 50k. The first loop is always the most fun, right? One problem was that the day before the race was the 4th of July. I opted to have fun instead of rest and drink water like I should have been doing. That is probably why my 15 mile loop was more like 50k pace. I finished in 2:38. Not what I was hoping for, but Oh well. It was fun hanging out and supporting finishing runners afterwards instead of killing myself on a second loop. Maybe I'm just a wimp, I don't know. One thing that did make me really mad was when a skinny girl with red hair went flying by me at Pat's aid station. For a second I got pissed and was going to chase her ass down. So I stopped to top off my bottle real quick. When I looked up she was already at the top of the paved hill out of the aid station. At that point I forgot what I was thinking about so I just decided to go my own pace to the finish.
Jackson and Josie both ran the 5k along with Jackson's friend Austin. I think it was an awesome race with tons of happy finishers. Lots of cool race reports too. Check some of them out on BadBen's Blog

Also Big Congrats to Tony Clark 50k winner 4:33 (Tony ran Bighorn 100 two weeks previous) ! Close to Wynn Davis' CR. I'm not sure if the course change made it easier or harder. For me I'd have to say that singletrack is easier even if it did add another significant hill.

Next up for me is the Lunar Trek 20 miler on the 18th. It looks like we're getting a gang together to head out to the Leadville 100 . I've never been to the run so it should be cool.