Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall is here

Well, I had a decent race at Clinton. I finished 11th in 1:12:55. Whatever. Nobody took any pictures, so that kinda sucks. Good Luck to everyone at Flatrock this weekend. I can't go again. Maybe next year. I am looking forward to Heartland though. I'm going down with my brother Cody, who is doing the 100, to crew and pace. I think I'll take my bike so I can ride a bit and get some good pictures during the day. After that who knows. I might do the Rock Creek 50k of maybe the Blue Springs marathon.... or maybe I'll just watch football. The 6 hr Nathaniel's run might be okay. Anyone else thinking of doing that? I'm actually already thinking about PsychoWyco 50k in Feb. I want to see if I can get under 5:30.