Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sucky weather and the Super Bowl

The running conditions were pretty crappy today. I went out for about 4 miles in the new snow over ice. I wore my Yaktrax and I don't think they helped much. The only way I could find the ice was to step on it-and then slip. I hope the conditions are better for the Psycho Wyco 50k ( Feb 10th. If you haven't signed up yet, do it. There are 3 distances and the race packets and prizes are AWESOME!
On another note, I pick the Colts. I don't think Peyton is going to be denied. I also changed the name of my blog. I like inane becuz it rhymes with Shane. I couldn't think of a cool word like ramblings or musings though. Any suggestions?
One more thing that I almost forgot. Jonathan Page won a silver medal at the Cyclocross world championships last weekend. This is the first time an American has ever won a medal in the elite men's race. Check it out at AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!