Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shawnee Mission Park Trails!

Last night I finally got a chance to check out the new trails at SM Park. My tubeless setup on my mountain bike was jacked up so I didn't get to ride them, but I ran a loop with a small pack of Trail Nerds including one new recruit(Phil).It's also good to see James back out on the trails. One word comes to mind-SWEET. I would like to thank everyone who worked on these trails and made them a reality. They really are nice and if the planning meetings go well and there is room for more trail, this trail system will be stellar. All of the old jacked up, eroded rock pile crap is gone and in it's place is a 4 mile loop of sweet singletrack. I think my favorite part is where the trail crosses the powerline for a short stretch. I I love the figure-eight format as well. I look forward to a summer of running and riding out there. Hopefully we can get everything lined out and have our Summer intro trail race out there.