Sunday, February 3, 2008

Psycho Pstuff

Well, I got in 16 days of running in January along with a few hikes doing course cleanup and marking. I also got out on the bike a few times when the weather was decent. Mark K., Emily and Beth showed up this morning and we got in around 6 easy miles while marking the course for next Saturdays race. I feel like I'm definitely lacking in the long run dept. , but I'm better off than I was for Psummer Psycho so I should be fine for the 50k. If the course conditions are good I think I might be able to improve my on my time of 5:48 from last year. It's supposed to be warm this week so hopefully the course will dry out a bit. The rain today sure didn't help.
Rocky Raccoon: I know Kyle and Tony Clark finished RR100 in 18:14?!!!, but I haven't heard about anyone else. Kyle did say that everyone was still on the course so hopefully everyone's races went well. We'll find out soon.
Gear: I recently bought a spray skirt for my kayak at kcpaddler. It's a Seal skirt tropical tour model. I also got a bilge pump and paddle float so I can practice my self rescue techniques when the water warms up.