Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Cold again.

Got in a short road ride on Sunday in the wind ( 1 hour- computer batteries died so I don't know the distance, but I'm guessing only 15-16 miles). My legs really burned from my dehydrated long run on Saturday. The headwinds were pretty extreme while going with the wind I could go 30 mph without much effort...then it got cold and rainy and the temp dropped about 30 degrees. Ran for about 50 min today with some hill repeats-now my right shin hurts a little. I hope it's temporary.

I found a pretty funny blog post about how to be popular. It's a biking blog, but it could work for running too with a little modification. Read it HERE. It may seem like a long list, but the reason that I'm so cool today is because of the time that I was carrying an ace wrap in my pack. Ask BadBen about it sometime.

Note: I would consider the Ace wrap to be part of a running "What to Bring" list.