Monday, February 5, 2007

Colts and Cold weather

A bunch of us trail nerds spent Sat morning marking the course for PSYCHO WYCO 50knext weekend. It was COLD!! On Sunday morning, just as COLD , as a few of our own were finishing the Rocky Raccoon 100(Good job BadBen, Rick, Patrick and Gabe), we ran a loop of the course. Hey guys, I thought the race was this weekend. Just kidding! I really didn't feel so hot though, so I just cruised at an easy pace. I hope I feel stronger next week or I could be in for a long day. After that I took a hot shower and a 2 hour nap. Then I watched the Big Game. I really wasn't surprised at the outcome. The Colts had to win. Look at the bright side. Tony Dungy seems like a good guy and next season we won't have to listen to the commentators talk about Peyton not being able to win the big one. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot, the squirrel who's trying to munch on my frozen Beardsicle in the bottom photo owes me a Red Bull(12oz please).