Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Leadville this year

I got a letter from the LT100 the other day. It said I didn't get in this year. Sucks.
From: LSD
Subject: lt 100
dear jonny,
I'm really tired of hearing all this stuff about the lt 100 and how it's such a cool, hard, epic race etc... I'm sure the recent news about lance and floyd doing it (or not) has brought a lot of attention to the event, but come on, it's nothing but a high priced race that, for some reason, has been added to everyone's "must do list". If you like long jeep roads and no single track, and paying out the ass for a fricking belt buckle (if you finish in under 8 hours or something), maybe this one is for you, but there are a ton of other races that are more noteworthy and a hell of a lot cheaper: Crested Butte Classic (free), KTR (free), the Grand Loop (free), Soul Ride (when it comes back)(not free, but reasonable)...I can go on and on. When are people going to wake up and just ride their bikes? They don't need a belt buckle to tell them they suffered. "Wiensy" will help with that when he puts the wood to them (if they even get that close). I'm sure I'm going to piss off a bunch of people (maybe even you), but I'm just tired of the recognition this race gets. See ya at the Old Pueblo (best event ever!)

Ride Anything But Leadville

I found this over at DC. It pretty much sums up how I feel about this race, but I still want to do it again and get my damned buckle. I promise. One will be enough.