Friday, April 6, 2007

Brew2Brew part 2

Last weekend I crewed at Brew to Brew for my brother Cody, who was doing it solo. I thought he did pretty well considering his training program has been pretty mellow since Psycho Wyco. He ran the first half of the race with Gabe. He struggled a little in the middle of the race, but he recovered and finished in 7:56 for 15th place out of 39 male finishers. I ended up running part of leg 7 and legs 9 & 10 with him. Gabe ran strong. Jacque Jackson ran strong too-she won the female solo. I looked for Markos out on the course. He ran the Olathe marathon the day before and was attempting a solo brew2brew. I found out later he dropped midway through-I can't say I blame him. It turned out to be a pretty fun day. Cody's friend Keith (mine too I guess) came out to Lawrence after the race. We chowed down and had a few beers at Free State Brewery afterwards. They do need to cap the race next year though, there were just too many cars and people ( On the way home traffic was moving pretty fast. I'd say I averaged about 95. At the toll booth on I-70 I raced a rice burner(fartpipe racer) honda. I got the ol' Ford freestyle up to 115 mph before we got into traffic. Yes, I won! I'm sitting out Rockin K with a bum foot. I have gout...again! I'm pretty disappointed. I really felt like I was ready to run a good race out there.