Friday, March 30, 2007


The past few days I've just been heading out into the woods by myself. A little running. A little hiking. Whatever. It's amazing what you see if you slow down sometimes(Not that I'm all that fast anyway). My wildlife tally for the last 3 days Wed: Wyco- lots of deer, 12 turkey vultures(I don't think they were after me), One great horned owl. Thur: Trails at Nursery- About 10 deer, one covey of quail, and 11 turkey Tonight:Nursery- 2 great horned owls hooting at each other, a nesting pair of canadian geese, 5 ducks(not sure what kind). I also sat really still for awhile next to a puddle where I knew some spring peepers were calling. They're pretty hard to spot. Man do they make a lot of noise for being so small. If you are wondering why I'm telling you all of this it's because I just finished reading Why We Run by Bernd Heinrich, who was quite the runner in his day. It's a pretty quick read and has a lot info about animal and human physiology that I found very interesting. Check it out.I'm not running Brew2 Brew this weekend. I'll either crew for Cody or help at the aid station. Todays photo is a shot of the scenic course. To everyone doing the race, be careful this weekend! Good luck to Gabe, Markos, Cody and all of the other soloists.