Sunday, June 24, 2007

Western States

It's been a pretty eventful week. On Tuesday I went out to Shawnee Mission Park to run. I decided to take my mountainbike and do a little riding before the group run. I ended up having one of the worst crashes I remember having. I was going pretty fast on a downhill stretch of trail. I misjudged my takeoff for a bunnyhop over a log. I fell on my left side, cracked my helmet and bruised my hip area pretty heavily. Nice. I bailed on the run after that. For a little while I thought I might need a hospital visit. Yesterday we had our summer intro race at SM park. Amid concerns that the trail gates would be closed due to overnight rains, we had over 100 runners show up! What a turnout. I was disappointed with my own performance, but Kyle did a great job directing and everyone had a good time. Matt Riley from Lawrence took the win. Nice job. Bad Ben is in California pacing Patrick Perry on his attempt at the Western States 100. I just checked the webcast and Pat finished. Great Job Patrick! I can't wait to hear their race reports. Later.
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