Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cyclocross Worlds and other stuff

Lars Boom won the cyclocross world championships today in Treviso, Italy. The Americans didn't do great, but they didn't do bad either. Jonathan Page was the highest placed American in 23rd.

I went out to the KC ice bowl disc golf tourney with my brother and two cousins. It turned out to be a real clusterfrig. It was way too crowded and there was a big logjam on hole one so we got in behind a couple groups at hole 5. When we were getting set to throw some asshole said there was no jumping in and that we had to start a hole 1. I told him that we'd been waiting for like 20 minutes already and we were going to throw. He didn't say anything else, but I was already kinda mad. There's just no reason to act like a dick about stuff like that. When we got back around to hole 2 there were like 10 groups in line. I didn't even want to finish the first round, let alone the second round of nine holes. Luckily Kyle came to the rescue. He and Caleb were going to work on marking the Psycho Wyco course so he stopped by Rosedale park and picked me up. I think we got about three miles worth of the loop marked.