Saturday, January 26, 2008

MLK day

Last Monday was MLK day. I'm reading the book Bowerman and the Men of Oregon right now and just read a chapter about the issues black athletes faced in the late 60's when he was assassinated. This year was the 40th anniversary of his death.
Anyway I had the day off and the weather was decent so I got in a good long run at Wyco - long for me any way (4hours). So after that I showered, ate, and drank a pot of coffee before hopping in BadBen's Element, along with Kyle and Caleb, for the jaunt out to Willie Lambert's Great Plains Running Co. in Topeka. If you need trailrunning gear it's worth the trip from KC to check out his store. I even won the raffle for a pair of new Montrail Streaks. I hope they come in Brown.
This MLK day also marked the 2nd anniversary of the construction of the infamous Wyandotte Triangle trail section on the Psycho Wyco race course.
I got in a good 7 mile run in the slush today. Even ran into Stuart Johnson, who was finishing up his run.
One more thing. On Thursday I cut my run short so I could go see No Country for Old Men. Definitely worth going to see. I think I'll read the book as well when I get the chance.