Monday, March 26, 2007


I know this post is kind of late, but that's better than never...maybe. We (KC TRAIL NERDS) had a pretty good turnout for our first short distance trail race of the 07 season. A trail race is an awesome way to get St. Patrick's day started and Dick Ross was there taking photos for us.. Thanks Dick! A few days before the race I checked last years times to see what I should aim for since I had never run this race before. Last year the only people to come in under an hour were Caleb and Kyle. Speaking of Caleb, he had to sit out this years edition with an injury, so he was unable to defend his crown, but he showed up to help with the race and to offer a little moral support. I set an hour as my goal for the race. The race started pretty fast and I had to back off the throttle after the first mile. I heard that Rich, who I was running with, had a split of 6:12 for the first mile. I don't know how accurate that is , but it was pretty fast. Anyway, I settled into a pretty nice rythym after the first hill. The water crossings were nice and chilly and though they were uneventful for me, I did hear about a few people going for a swim(GREG). Rich and I went back and forth a few times throughout the race, no doubt pushing each other to a faster time. We each tried to crack the other in the last mile, but we came out onto the grass together. I nipped him at the finish for 10th in 57:41. I felt like I ran a pretty smart race and I was pleased that I accomplished my goal of breaking an hour. The fact that 12 runners broke 1 hour really shows the quality of the field at this years Red Bridge Ramble. I think our trail races are really starting to catch on. I don't know why anyone would choose a pavement run over a course like this one! One thing that really sucked was that Kyle had to stop and fix some course markings that had been messed up by hooligans. I guess it was either stop and fix the markings and mess up his own race or risk pretty much everyone going off course... very unselfish. I guess thats all I have to say about that. I'm feeling pretty good and after yesterday's 15 miler out at Clinton and I think I'm ready for Rockin K. Gotta get used to the warmer weather though.