Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veteran's Day 4-miler

We had a pretty nice race at Wyandotte County Lake last weekend. The weather was much nicer than last year's race and we even had a little fall color left to enjoy. We ended up with 60 runners, which was a good jump from 37? last year. Jaraj took the victory with a sub 30 minute time. I know that doesn't sound that fast for a 4 mile run, but this course will kick your butt. Rick Mayo put in a strong run for 3rd place and it was good to see Caleb out there mixing it up. My son Jackson, who is 8, ran the race too. It was his first race longer than a 5k so I was very proud of him. At the last few short races I had done I started like a jackrabbit and faded, so I told myself to start a little slower than I have been and it paid off. I ran 34:39, with Stuart Johnson on my heels for the last 2 miles, which was good for 10th. I ran 36:11 last year on the same course so I was happy with that. Here are a few pics that my brother Adam took. Results and more photos HERE. My photos HERE. I also threw in a shot of some nymphs( Hare's ear and Pheasant Tail) that I tied at my class this week.
I almost forgot to mention how bad I scared Caleb (and Kyle) after last Thursday's course marking and run. A few of us ran the course after marking. Caleb and Kyle dropped me so I jogged back on the road from the archery range. When I was almost back I could see their lights in the woods and I had an evil idea. I hid behind a big tree that was right beside the trail. When they got to me I jumped out from behind the tree into the trail while simultaneously screaming and clicking my light on and shining it up at my face!! Caleb didn't seemed to pleased, but Kyle ;aughed a little. I thought it was pretty funny myself, but it was a bit mean.
I'm still undecided about Nathaniel's run on Friday. Not sure I'm up for 6 hours of running. I'm actually thinking of doing the Cranksgiving alleycat race next Sun. I've never done anything like that so it could be fun. I might do Dude, where's the trail. I'm doing the Clinton cross country challenge fer sure though. Then the alternate chili run and after that a short break from races.