Friday, November 23, 2007

Nathaniel's run

I went ahead and did Nathaniel's run. I did 20 laps in about 4:30 , which works out to 26 miles. I had thought about trying to do 50k, but my legs were pretty shot by then and I just didn't feel like going any further to be quite honest. I didn't really ever get bored or anything, even with the loop being only 1.3 miles, my legs just got tired. The turnout was pretty low. It would have been nice to see more people out there. I think that Paul Schoenlaub did 32 laps and Stuart Johnson did 31. Cody did 24 laps. This event was a nice change of pace(and an easy way to get in a long run) and it was for a good cause so I'm glad I did it.