Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Clinton Cross country challenge

Well, Jackson and I went out to Clinton Lake for the 2 and 5 mile cross country races last Sunday. I was sick again and for sure would have bailed if I hadn't already signed up. The weather was brisk, but nowhere near as cold as last year. I ran the 2 mile with Jackson in 24:?? . Then I lined up for the 5 mile and ran the first few miles with BadBen. I started to feel a little better toward the end so I picked it up a bit. finished right at 40:00. If nothing else it was a good workout and I didn't make myself sicker...or is it more sick? Steve and Marcia Riley put on some good events. I definitely like the format of two races back2back. It's fun and its something I'd like to see us add to one of our races. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, so I threw in a shot of my new car. I got in a pretty good run tonight. I did five hard hill repeats of about 1 min. ea. along with a warmup and cooldown. I felt a lot better than I did on Sun. I just need to get out of this funk that I've been stuck in since the time changed and get back to training consistently. Next Sat is the Alternate chili run at Wyco. I heard there were a few crazies out there last Saturday in the rain. Jeez.